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October 20, 2007



Anyone can make a video. Anyone can say anything and make a point of view look so real. Robert Greenwald, who produced this video on Guiliani, also did scathing work on th Iraq war, Fox News (Outfoxed) and Wal Mart. Anyone can twist anything they want and 'swift boat' it, so to say, to make you actually believe anything. The FDNY unions were notorious for their hatred of Guliani. The unions preferred crooked politicians.
There's a web site that states 9/11 was an 'inside job', no planes ever hit the World Trade Center and that graphic artists master mined the whole thing and all eye witnesses have been paid off. OK. he bases all of this on a few second black out that happened to all media cameras when the impact of the second plane hit the 2nd WTC building. Doesn't matter that the impact affected everything and that locals on the ground video tapped the 2nd plane. he proves, without a doubt, how a graphic artist super imposed the plane image on all media cameras, like CNN, Fox News, NBC. You can check out this lunacy:

Any body can make a video. Any one can change the truth. Anyone can make you believe whatever it is that they want you to believe.

You shouldn't fall for the trap. The FDNY unions HATE Rudy and I wouldn't believe a single thing they have to say about him. Nor what Robert Greenwald produces.

I dare you to print my comment.


What do you think, boys and girls?
This posting is full of truthiness, isn't it.
Please don't look at the facts. Lets talk about 9-11 conspiracies instead. Yeah, that's the ticket.


I'm NOT talking about 9/11. I am talking about the validity of videos.
I would believe a video of someone respectful from the news media, like Charles Gibson asking Rudy about the Motorola phones and watching an unretouched answer directly from Rudy's lips than anything produced from left extremist, Robert Greenwald. If you believe Greenwald, there's a bridge in China I'd like to sell you.


Perfect site! Anything superfluous, all is laconic and beautiful. Thanks!


How can i become a saint?


Easy. Find a smoking pile of rubble, stand on it, and make a noble speech.

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