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October 21, 2007



Your grandchildren? Ritter was arrested in Albany, NY in 2001 for secretly meeting young female minors in order to engage in sexual acts.
You should seriously research who you quote:

In 2001, Ritter was arrested near Albany, NY. News reports state that Ritter had brushes with police on two occasions, both involving allegations of intent to meet underage girls after chatting on the Internet.[26] After an agreement with Assistant District Attorney Cynthia Preiser, the charges were suspended for six months, and were dropped after no further allegations arose. All court records from this matter were sealed. The District Attorney fired Preiser for failing to bring the matter to his attention.[27] According to WTEN-TV, Ritter underwent court-ordered sex offender counseling from an Albany psychologist.


O.K. That's enough. From what I have read there does not seem to be anything substantive in this case. If you believe in the law, that is. Why did they seal the records? They didn't in the Craig case. Was it lack of evidence, perhaps? Maybe a put-up job?
The desire to stop Ritter was pretty strong.
As it stands, who knows?
Anyway, you bore me.
Go away.

Jennifer Cascadia

Well I heard that Ritter is gay, which I find to be more credible.


I'd read Ritter's previous book and think his points are good ones. However, the commentary here was very eye-opening...

Professor Zero

I like Ritter and I had not figured out that this was perhaps why "we" felt we didn't need a lot of troops -
there's the "usable" nuclear backup. I am yet more worried than before.


Scary. I really never thought of that. So the Bush people knew what Ritter said, knew Saddam had nothing, totally lied to the American people about the WMD and now are poised to attack Iran.

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