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October 15, 2007


Jennifer Cascadia

Looks like a scam intended to get your credit card number.


I had a friend who does a lot of biz on Ebay. She got what looked like an official notification from Ebay, turned out to be phishing and she had to jump through lots of hoops to fix it up. My advice? Ignore it.


I hope you didn't respond to this. It's a scam and a fraud. If you click on the link, you will get a web forgery alert (as I did) with a warning that "any personal info you submit will be used for identity theft or fraud".
There's a lot of this stupidity going on now through the internet.
Make sure, also, you NEVER open an attachment.


Oh, good. I can just ignore it, then.


Also don't click on any of the links?

I get a lot of spoof messages and you can tell from the headers.

The other dangerous one are fake e-cards. I am now afraid to open almost any e-card because so many are bearing active viruses!

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