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October 18, 2007



As for Pollitt's experiences: men on the left are thought to be more evolved. No way. They are still men.


How men like that like to sneer at workadaddy men like my husband. But I know who I want to be with!
What annoys me most is the way they are always looking for someone to give them sex and money. Oh, and attention!
Pollitt opines that their mothers make them that way.

Jennifer Cascadia

Didn't Andrea Dworkin write about this phenomenon of men in the communes? here's an extract:

As for bush -- yes, a visceral dislike alright.


Wonderful, Jennifer. As I say, I have the best commenters!
More: This quote from Marge Piercy made my hair stand on end, kind of in a Katha-do:

Fucking a staff into existence is only the extreme form of what passes for common practice in many places. A man can bring a woman into an organization by sleeping with her and remove her by ceasing to do so. A man can purge a woman for no other reason than that he has tired of her, knocked her up, or is after someone else: and that purge is accepted without a ripple. There are cases of a woman excluded from a group for no other reason than that one of its leaders proved impotent with her. If a macher enters a room full of machers, accompanied by a woman and does not introduce her, it is rare indeed that anyone will bother to ask her name or acknowledge her presence. The etiquette that governs is one of master-servant.

As I read this over, I am so sorry for those girls and women who got abused this way. I had some warning, some terrifyingly bad experiences at age 18, and I got out of it.


The New York Times review of Naomi Klein's book:



Hi, Brandon. A pretty fair review, I'd say, but it does not convey the punch of this book.
I'm not sure Klein's letting people off the hook to the extent that the reviewer implies. Friedman and his disciples, with their enforcement arm, the CIA, have ruined economies worldwide while seemingly keeping their (invisible)hands clean.
I'm going to be using her book as the base for a chapter in my "normalcy" project. An obvious area of inquiry and exposition would concern the numbers of ex-Nazis in South America who helped bring down democracy in Chile, Argentina, and Uruguay.


"Their first major action was the overthrow of Allende."

Those who consider the “democratically elected” Allende a victim of the US and CIA have examined the historical record in a very superficial manner. Three weeks before the coup, the also “democratically elected” House of Deputies passed by a 81-47 vote, a strong 63%-37% majority, a resolution titled the "Declaration of the Breakdown of Chile’s Democracy."

"5. That it is a fact that the current government of the Republic, from the beginning, has sought to conquer absolute power with the obvious purpose of subjecting all citizens to the strictest political and economic control by the state and, in this manner, fulfilling the goal of establishing a totalitarian system: the absolute opposite of the representative democracy established by the Constitution;
6. That to achieve this end, the administration has committed not isolated violations of the Constitution and the laws of the land, rather it has made such violations a permanent system of conduct, to such an extreme that it systematically ignores and breaches the proper role of the other branches of government…"

In general and in specific, the resolution could be interpreted as an invitation to a coup. A strong majority of 63 % of the House of Deputies would not have voted for such a strongly-worded Declaration if the majority of the Chilean people were not disgusted with the Allende government’s repeated violations of law and democratic procedure.

Get familiar with the facts.
(This blog does not appear to support embedded HTML comments- see Wikipedia for the Declaration)


Clearly, the only way to deal with a man who was such a threat to democracy was to murder him and install a dictatorship.

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