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September 24, 2008



It looks as though he's in a place which allows him to be who he is, and that his research is an expression of a vital interest - and then it's also a burning issue that needs discussion, so it is interesting intellectually but also immediately useful. That would be why he doesn't experience the disconnects some others do.


Yes. But he is remarkable in other ways. He cared about my writing, for instance. He forced me to defend my positions. He warned me that I was getting into trouble in his class and told me how to fix my situation. He never pulled rank on his students or acted "the professor." His attitude was that we're in this together and must beat back the darkness.
He stands out as remarkable in a remarkable faculty, that of Reed College.

gerry rosser

I envy you this. I barely remember any of my professors. Well, I do remember Buckminster Fuller, but he was not exactly a day-to-day presence in the course which starred him.

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