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March 24, 2009



I've been battling the flu since Monday, so I just got around to checking your site. From Facebook fan to Facebook foe! I'm guessing it's the site's design and the disappearance of certain posts that turned you off.

I was invited to Facebook by an old friend, and decided to take the plunge. But I use it very little. As for the kids who don't want their parents on Facebook, here's what I posted to your comment:

Brandon Haleamau at 9:09pm March 27
Web postings seem ephemeral but they're not. I don't post anything that would come back to haunt me.
If kids have nothing to hide on Facebook, then they'd have no problem with their parents thereon. That's just me.


Well, it's not so much that my kids don't want me on it as that I don't want to be on it! I really shouldn't be blaming them, as they have hastened to point out to me.
Gosh, I'm sorry you haven't been feeling well. Maybe the return of good weather will help you feel better. This flu seems to affect people's spirits, too, so I hope you have cheerful things going on in your life.

frank b

I deleted my facebook account. About 50% of the time time the url was unavailable. I tried to set my username it after 5 tries it still would not send me a confirmation number, why it needed that number I have no idea. Tried searchng for friends, nope couldn't find them and I know they were on facebook. Lousy software why bother dealing with all the bugs.


I seem to have come to terms with Facebook, but for a while there it was just crazy.

steve var

If facebook engineers were so smart, they would realize that buying their crappy servers from walmarts blue light special is not good for business.Always freezing up or no connection at all is frustrating as hell so i quit.FACEBOOK U SUCK

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