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March 26, 2009



I used to buy books at Powell's frequently but haven't for some time. I've purchased online, but most of my online book purchases are through Amazon. In Salem, I really enjoy time at Border's, even though it's a chain and was largely responsible for Salem's oldest independent bookseller going out of business last year.
(I still haven't even seen a Kindle in real life!)


They will pry my Kindle from my cold dead hands.

naomi dagen bloom

Though, as you know, I have a great fondness for Powell's, I have to admit they got caught up in the expansionist model of other--not just in Portland.

"Small is beautiful" was not a phrase heard in America as we boomed along the past 30 years.

Try to keep book-buying now to used ones via ABEbooks, alibris. Avoid Amazon like the plague. Not so long ago there was much pleasure in discovering used book places as we traveled...use 'em or lose 'em.


I guess I'm fond of Amazon because one of my daughter's friends was a first employee there. I just like the idea of ordering books online. And downloading the books electronically is just the logical next step to me.
Moreover, I am so tired of book clutter. My husband's mass market paperbacks are a major offender.
Every year I sell hundreds of books at an annual charity book sale and then cart boxes and boxes of the clunkers no one will ever read again off to the Goodwill. It's such a waste.
There will always be actual books I'll want to read, of course, especially art books or nice editions of classic works. Terry, who understands the technology of e-ink, says it will probably always be limited to black and white reproduction.

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