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March 25, 2009



Here, here! What a great final paragraph, as it says it all. I'm too weary to get going on this tonight, but agree 100%.

Left a reply to your comment at my blog, but extracted this part in case you don't get back there:
"I too have a fascination with the turn of the 20th Century. One of my favorite books is Dreamland, by Michael Lesy (the front cover features the Victorian Cliff House)."

naomi dagen bloom

Love the photo! Could have been larger--but that's just moi. How about a specified day (not an obvious one like Margaret Sanger's arrest for mailing birth control info) when a group of us--beyond fertility--posted an image of favorite contraceptive device. Emma Goldman's birthday?


Too funny. Yes, that model would be a little petite for me, too!
That was sure my favorite contraceptive device, since I was able to control my fertility without messing up my hormones.
I'm on for a festival of contraceptive devices. We could add our personal contraceptive histories as well.

naomi dagen bloom

Sounds good! Another opportunity to talk about my 1950s abortion and why young women need to get a grip, read Atwood's "Handmaid's Tale" as if it will happen tomorrow.


In those days a gentleman was a guy who would pay for his girlfriend's abortion. Those were the dark ages. I haven't forgotten.


Do they not hand out diaphragms any more, or what? SO many people I know have never heard of them / seen them / etc.


I've been to doctors who did not know how to fit them. Catholic doctors prescribe the Pill because they are anti-abortion and don't trust women to use a diaphragm properly.
As my dear old mother used to say, "They do not work if they are in the top of your dresser drawer." They call for a little planning ahead, and of course people hate to plan ahead for sex. But I preferred that to having babies I could not care for.


Doctors don't want to believe women can think enough to be able to plan ahead for sex, and men want them to be instantly available, no waiting.

I am not joking, I am sure this is why the Pill is so well liked.

Also, maybe diaphragms went out when condoms became required and good condoms became more readily available.



My guess is that men after casual sex are more likely to accept condoms if they think they might pick up a disease.

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