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July 30, 2010



You really have had a fabulous life. I would love to live in Hawaii after visiting it about 3o years ago, but I would have to live alone and I do not want an ocean to separate me from my family.


Right, Darlene. I do know a lot of happy single women here, but they came over here years ago and have all kinds of connections to this place.
Oh, I forgot in my bio to mention how much I like politics! Will maybe add that later.


Wonderful bio of an interesting life, Marianna! I knew a few bits but this pulls it all together.


Wonderful bio of a wonderful life! Congratulations, Hattie. How and where did you and Terry meet? And what made you decide on Hilo instead of, say, Maui or Oahu?


Marja-Leena: As I said, this is long overdue.
Gigi: Terry and I met at a dance in the early 60's. We were very young at the time, especially him! He was only 19 and I was 21.
Our first visit to Hawaii was on the Big Island. What we liked, aside from the Island ambience and all the nice people, was the opportunity for year round outdoor life, hiking, swimming in the ocean, and so on, and especially the National Park. Also, it is the cheapest of all the islands to live on. Hilo is a full-on town, too, not a tourist burg like Kailua-Kona, so that's why we settled here instead of in West Hawaii.
I do like it that we are not overpopulated and don't have to worry about traffic.

Kay Dennison

I envy you your life. I wish I had been braver in my misspent youth but that's what happens when your mom is a control freak.


Kay: Well, I've always had Terry! It's a lot tougher to be brave on your own.


It's a wonderful summary.

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