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July 30, 2010


Anne Gibert

I read your new bio, and was most impressed. What an interesting life.

An interesting post on the death of John Callahan, but I am left wondering how on earth a person could bite another person in the armpit -- even if the biter was in a wheelchair.


Anne: If you had ever seen him in person you could well believe him physically capable of doing this. He was not feeble.


I feel really out-of-it right now. Just wasn't aware of John Callahan or his work at all, although he was a contemporary of mine. I read the obit at your link and saw some of his cartoons there and they were funny. Sounds like he had a hard life so I hope there is peace for him over the rainbow.

p.s. where is your new bio Anne G refers to? When I click on the tab "profile" I only see a chain of messages.....


Lydia: Yeah, Callahan was quite something, all right. A Portland original. Odd: it just occured to me that Mel Blanc, who did all the funny voices for Warner Brothers: Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck, etc. etc. was from Portland. And so is Matt Gruenig, creator of Life in Hell, his "homage" to Los Angeles, and also creator of The Simpsons. I saw him a couple of times at Powell's, signing books, before he hit the big time with The Simpsons.
Oh, and to read my bio, click on "about" on the right hand column.


I've never heard of John Callahan but I have seen Pelswick.


naomi dagen bloom

Early in the day read the Callahan obit in the local weekly which seemed fond of him. Sounded as if he was the sort of "weird" man so treasured here. Liked his cartoons which were new to me. Then late in the day, there was a long one in the NY Times--with another wry cartoon.

Surprised that there's an "old" prof hanging on at PSU. Most seem pretty young.


There was an exceedingly boring clip from a documentary about Callahan along with the article in the Willamette Week. The doc was plugging the PC aspect of rights for the handicapped and freedom of speech and so on. I never thought that was what Callahan was about. Here is the link:
More:Naomi. There are no less than twelve faculty members in the English department who were there when I was.

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