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May 12, 2011



Many books and periodicals, especially historical ones, about Hawaii are not available on Kindle or other e-readers and won't be anytime soon.


Are they digitized? This would be a good project. Anything digitized can be downloaded and read on a Kindle.
More: Of course I understand certain things need to be experienced at first hand, such as maps, furnishings, illustrated books, etc to get the good of them. But a lot of content could be digitized and read on computers, I-Pads, and Kindles.

Kay Dennison

I'm a Luddite. I haven't got an e-reader yet -- there's something about a old-fashioned book that I simply can't give up. In the meantime, Blogger is down and I can't
post! Yikes!!!!

Hank Chapin

Hattie--Wow, you are really experiencing first-class educational riches right in your own home. I have some good things on my Nook, but I'm not aware that I can listen to anything. Henry James's "Portrait of a Lady" has always been one of my favorite books. I always thought the provable fact that Ben Jonson knew Shakespeare, as a person, proves that Shakespeare is Shakespeare. Hawthorne, whom I love, railed against women novelists with three names. I thought it was obvious, from today's perspective, that they wanted to retain their birth names. My mother was Jean BUTLER Chapin. She never wanted to lose the Butler part.


Hawthorne could be cranky, but what a story teller he was! I love James, too. Perhaps my favorite among his novels is *The Bostonians.* But my favorite of all his works is *A Small Boy and Others.*


"Are they digitized? This would be a good project. Anything digitized can be downloaded and read on a Kindle."

Some content is digitized. But a lot of it is only in print form, or at least on microfilm. I don't know if you get the entirety of the New York Times archive on a Kindle, but imagine if you could get the old Hawaiian papers on one. It's a worthy project.


That would be a natural for you, Brandon.

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