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November 25, 2011



I recommend Colorlines as a great site on racial justice:


Occupy Black Friday: the perspective of Forbes:

And you might have heard about the various tawdry Black Friday incidents (e.g., the woman who pepper-sprayed other customers).


Brandon: Really good. I don't like Tim Wise though, because he was so nasty about Hillary Clinton.


Good program; I think we should read this book which the links in it lead to: http://www.amazon.com/Populist-Moment-History-Agrarian-America/dp/0195024176/ref=pd_cp_b_0#reader_0195024176

naomi dagen bloom

Agree that it was an engaging program. That was yesterday when had also read Naomi Klein excellent Nation article on connection of climate change to world economy.

So today after reading New Yorker article "Pre-Occupied" I wondered why never came up during the panel.


Z: I'll download a sample of the book and review it.
Naomi: I've read the Klein article but not the New Yorker article yet.


Z: This book reminds me that good times never have really existed in this country. People have had to fight for decent lives right from the start.

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