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December 19, 2011


Hank Chapin

Thanks for the plug, Hattie (I'll use your nom de plume). However, I'll have you know I'm not perfect! :-) As a teacher, I developed the idea that "you may be right" when dealing with people, since otherwise you lose your audience if you keep batting down people's ideas, and the students will always side with the other students. Truth to tell, it is usually the case in my experience that other people often have a valid point. This is not the same as false equivalence where someone with batty ideas is pitted against a rational person in the media to create an illusion of fairness and objectivity, say, a flat-earther versus someone who believes the world is a sphere.

I too thought San Maarten was neat too. I took a tour around the island and got the overall feel for things. Shoulda done this for San Juan, Puerto Rico.

In the session on voting in the smaller venue, John Nichols' daughter, Whitman?, was giving him sign language of a private family nature that seemed to indicate she was hungry and/or needed attention. She had that Little Orphan Annie curly red hair that her father has. I'm glad to say he got up and attended to her needs without being a show-off like the husband of Katrina, or Katriner, as the Bittner Brothers pronounced it. What a jerk he is! I mean Bittners are good but K's husband bad. In my opinion they were fighting on the trip.

REGARDING THE "MASCULINE" TOPICS, the Nation Magazine itself--shhh! don't tell a soul--can be on the boring side and sort of chew things to death in dry articles. But, of course, it is also more than that--almost a way of life after 150 years--that liberalism is good.
Hank Chapin--written in Nyack, New York


Hank: Words of wisdom from a wise man! I hope you get home without encountering all the bad weather now being inflicted on the Midwest.
And holiday greetings to your family.


Interesting and I'll be fascinated to see what you have to say about San Juan. Was never interested in PR because it is US but should perhaps be; this may be just some weird prejudice of mine.


I don't know what conch fritters are but they look delicious. And hey, here's a young feminist that's not listening to the men. Promise! When do we get to have our mother-daughter feminist dinner hour?


"the husband of Katrina"

Stephen F. Cohen, a professor of history at New York University.


I'm loving these pictures. You and Terry look really wonderful. Never had a conch fritter...looks yummy. ~Joy


So, he's old enough to be her father: http://as.nyu.edu/object/stephenfcohen.html

naomi dagen bloom

Fascinating, almost as if we were talking across the distance. If you have time from the festivities, call while in Seattle. Have a great time with the kids and keep working on the next revolution.


Z:Puerto Rico gives me quite an impression of things mostly beneath the surface. (Not least all those bodies under the killing fields in San Juan). There is an article in the new Nation on the political situation there. I'll post at length later about all this.
Sarah: Next time I'm in Portland, I think we should get together. Don't know when it will be but will keep you posted. We need to work on bridging the age gap between young and old feminists.
Brandon: Yes, he backed most of the wrong horses in the former SU and his analyses of the area seem cuckoo to me. I have a tape of his talk on Russia that he gave on the cruise and will listen to it to see if I can find any nuggets of wisdom in it.
Joy: The fritters were deep fried things with gristly pieces of conch in them. But they tasted pretty good with the beer.
Z: Cohen prides himself on being youthful for his age. Nothing ages a person like that.
Naomi: I am going to do a posting on your latest blog entry with the flattering pic of moi. I think I'll be able to call today.
Family fun is keeping me pretty busy!

Cop Car

Hattie--I particularly like the photo of you - with your beers for two-fisted drinking?! Would you compare conch meat to escargo?


Cop car: Now that I think about it, the texture was like escargot, but the flavor was of seafood.

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