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December 30, 2011



Photoshop is great for sizing photos, cropping, and restoring old photos. I can't do without it.


Gigi: Can you size your photos on Word Press or do you have to do that on Photoshop? I can crop photos on Paint and size them on the Typepad site, and it's very easy.
Maybe that's all I need.

Kay Dennison

I miss photoshop -- it disappeared when my computer crashed. I still haven't got caught up from that -- it's a slow, frustrating and thankless task. Maybe someday I'll get organized but don't bet the ranch on it!!!


Kay: Oh, me too. Even my husband the computer expert can't extricate me from the mess sometimes. But keeping it simple really helps, I find.


Hattie, no I cannot size or crop photos on wordpress. I do all that on photoshop.


does photoshop have a user forum page. Or, possibly there's an independent photoshop forum on the internet like there is for about everything else.


I'm still figuring out Photoshop and my iPhone is still somewhat of a mystery to me. We're learning slowly.

Have a terrific 2012 over there on the Big Island. I hope the fireworks are not too loud for you tonight.

Cop Car

Hattie--I totally ditched PhotoShop when I found that it wasn't at all user friendly. I'll leave that to the pros. I don't wish to change faces or bodies or to totally fake photos, so I use the program that came with Vista (on my other computer - this computer runs Windows 7.)

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