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January 12, 2012



Oh my! This is certainly very interesting. Disconcerting, but interesting.

Hank Chapin

I would entitle this posting as "FOR HIPPOPOTAMUS LOVERS EVERYWHERE." Let's not forget "Mud, Mud, Glorious Mud" by Flanders and Swann (can be found on YouTube) as another addition to this miniscule genre: hippopotamus literature.

Hank Chapin

Oh no! The horns on this beast's nose lead me to suspect that this is actually a rhinoceros. Or, judging by the toes, it could be a three-toed sloth. Whatever, he's got the rhythm!


That's fantastic. But I am not sure I understand how it was created.


Kay: Because the movements seem so natural.
Hank: I love Swann and Flanders. Somewhere in the depths of my basement I have an LP of their "farrago," "At the Drop of a Hat." Yes, it is indeed a rhino.
Z: By attaching sensors to a dancer's body and recording the movements. That's why it seems so realistic. But I think they cheated on the ears.


Hattie, thanks for re-linking.
I love flamenco and love the brilliant idea of the dancer being a chubby rhino in underwear, so graceful and deadpan, as if there's nothing strange about this performance at all.
I never tire of watching this.

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