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February 29, 2012


Kay Dennison

LOL but Catholics were omitted. As a renegade Catholic, I'm about half agnostic but I do know that Rick Santorum (who I've dubbed 'Ricky Sicky' does not represent bulk of mainstream Catholics. When my kids were in Catholic school, most familes had two children. One of the other moms was wont to say, "There are good Catholics and there are smart Catholics." 98% of American Catholic women use birth control.


Kay: My favorite stat, as I have mentioned several times, is that the overwhelmingly Catholic Italians, along with the Japanese, have the lowest birthrate in the world.
That's good about the good Catholics and the smart Catholics. I think these days Catholics have just become boring generic Christians since the Latin Mass went out. I'll never forget how odd it felt to me the first time I saw a priest turn and face his congregation and address them in English. That was such a huge change.

Cop Car

Judy--I love, love, love your flow chart. It excludes me, but that's OK. We atheists aren't picky. (I am not rich, but I must be insane.)

Kay--I also love, love, love your saying. If only I can remember it at the right time!

Hattie--I don't care what language a priest uses. He says the same thing so many times it would put anyone to sleep!


haha! cute flow chart, Hattie! David and I were baptized Catholics, but no longer practice our religion. However, we still have a picture of the sacred heart of Jesus and a crucifix on our beams. Last month, I told David to remove them, but he said, "No, that might bring us bad luck." Lol.


Oh my gosh! This is priceless! I can't wait to show it to Art.


See? Facebook has its points, because I got this from a Facebook friend.

naomi dagen bloom

Great chart by whom? Facebook is now a person? Where does it end: trees may start hugging back!


I can't find the authorship of this chart, which is now all over the Internet.

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