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March 28, 2012


Poppa Zao

Thanks for the mention. I have yet to comment more thoroughly on these essays on Kunstler (I've been busy), but can say a strict no-fat diet is more harmful than beneficial for most people. For myself, I stay away from aspartame and saccharine, limit high-fructose corn syrup and white rice, and try to eat a great deal of fruits, vegetables, and legumes.

I'm observing Lent so my main source of animal protein is fish. Even on Sundays, when Lent doesn't apply, I don't gorge on red meat.


Brandon: Good diet. I am concerned in this piece about the way Kunster's physician is treating him. Our medical system is in such a state of breakdown.


"Our medical system is in such a state of breakdown."

You should read today's Tribune-Herald. It has an excellent letter to the editor about the lack of dental care and mental health care for the poor. I remember that incident from 1992, recounted in the letter, when a man sought treatment for an abscess but no dentist would take him. He eventually died from the infection.

It occurred to me after reading the letter that lawyers do pro bono work, so why not physicians and dentists?


Brandon: I remember trying to get a group of women lawyers to do pro bono work on women's issues in this town. None of them would do it. They said they were just getting by and could not take on work for free. I can't imagine my dentist doing pro bono work, either. Though it really isn't fair of me to make any assertion to that effect without proof.

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