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March 28, 2012


Henry "Hank" Chapin

"The solar system takes lots of maintenance"? I always thought the stars and the planets went merrily on their way regardless of what we humans do.

Oh, you don't mean THAT solar system? Oops, sorry!


Ha ha! Caught me! That'll learn me to hang around with an English professor!


Good analysis, Hattie.


We are no better off here in that regard than you are in Honolulu.


Some of the points you are saying are true. But isnt any amount of using less resources a good idea in general? Just cause we cant be 100% sustainable doesnt mean we shouldnt try and reduce our dependency right? We have one resource far greater than honolulu, and it is farm land. People should try and be sustainable when it comes to growing our own food. Currently over 80% is imported. Also according to a computer simulation from MIT we only have till 2025 till we deplete the worlds resources if we input the current growth of population and need for resources. Look it up. Also if you could grow your own food wouldnt that limit the need for transportation? We dont really need infrastructure. We need farms. What do we really need in life? 3 things a home, food and water. Everything else are wants


I have this argument frequently with my friends in Puna. They spend a lot of time driving compared to me. They need trucks but we get by with an old Camry sedan.
We considered living out there because we really do like it, but it is too far away from services.
To add to this: many people live in Puna not by choice but because they are poor. They would appreciate good roads, clean water, etc. They can't afford the luxury of living "deliberately." It's a romantic notion.

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