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March 05, 2012



Would that he were toast!!


It is important to who I choose to be
that I do not crow over the death
of an adversary;
BUT this creature has profited
by being rude,
by confusing credulous citizens
in crucial and perilous times,
someone who has behaved abominably-
FINALLY going so far as to awaken even
some of those who enjoy or profit
from his 'humor.
A wise American said:
"you can't fool aLL the people
ALL the time."
I take comfort from that;
and yes, satisfaction
in divine Justice
as in this ugly case!
BTW have you noticed all the antiquated
language and resentment that has
been liberated in weird (male) places?
Guys still mad at feminists? The world has moved on guys! Terms like "recreational sex" are on the ash heap of history. dust yourselves off and join the rest of us in the present. We don't bite!


I was watching Cenk Uygur on Current this afternoon, when he announced that KPUA was the first radio station in the country to drop Rush. Sure enough:


Kay Dennison

I'm so glad. His so-called apology grated on my nerves.


wonderful news!


Couldn't happen to a nicer guy. Don't think it will cure him of his eternal 'foot-in-mouth' disease though.

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