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March 30, 2012



So on the pink slime, that KS governor said it has only existed 20 years. So it is one of these new attributes of meat that makes it worse for you than before.


Z: We never eat meat like that. We get organic chicken or local grass feed beef. When we were in Idaho we went to a Ruby Tuesdays and had a hamburger that tasted disgusting. It must have been made with pink slime.


Also - this may be the most brilliant of the Amy Goodman shows I've seen, and I've seen/heard many. Is she a genius of some kind?


Re meat, I don't mean you personally. I am talking about the decline in food quality generally, and public health!!!


Imagine: She does five programs a week and then spends the weekend giving talks all over the country. I was very impressed when I heard her talk in Seattle. She is always focused, never loses her concentration for a minute. That must be her genius. About diet: It really shocks me how badly people eat these days. It's like people have forgotten what food is supposed to taste like.


"It really shocks me how badly people eat these days. It's like people have forgotten what food is supposed to taste like."

What are some examples of bad food?

There has been a decades-long trend toward natural food, slow food, etc. but it has only recently entered the mainstream.


Well, here is an example of good food. I made waffles for breakfast yesterday. I used organic whole milk, Bob's unbleached white flour, local eggs, organic unsalted butter, and a little Maui sugar. They tasted ten times better than anything you would get in a restaurant or out of your freezer. With that, we had bacon and fresh local strawberries with whipped cream. A Sunday breakfast, of course. Usually we have oatmeal.
For dinner we had bean soup with local grass fed beef and bacon. Also locally grown potatoes and chard, and a cucumber and carrot salad.
And guess what my cholesterol is. 170!
I think the docs and the nutritionists are full of it about how we should eat. Fresh, home-cooked food using as many locally grown ingredients as possible is the key.
I don't like to think about bad food. Just go into your local grocery and you will see a lot of it.

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