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March 23, 2012



I have absolutely no desire to tour Israel, though my mother made several trips to the region.


Well, I guess you could not exactly call it a tourist spot these days.


Churches in Hawaii continue to organize tours of the Holy Land. My cousins recently completed one.


Gigi: guess I'm out of touch. It has to be a fascinating experience, but I guess I won't get there in my lifetime.


I remember when you talked about this Chick tract.


Is the street preacher there every day or only on certain ones?


I see him every once in a while on Saturday. To be entirely accurate, he stands on the corner of Kilauea and Mamo and rants, and his wife stands across the street from the KTA and hands out tracts to passersby and people waiting for the light to change.

naomi dagen bloom

Marianna, Think it is a sensible idea on your part not to report on the Israel dilemma--an inadequate noun for the terrible reality. As an American Jew who lives an entirely secular life and identifies as anti-war, I live in some place of pain that is difficult to describe. Like many similar to me, I focus on the maybe-possible domestically.

Thanks for the link to 972 blog where this statement could have been about the U.S.: "The initiative to tell Iranians that Israelis refuse to go to war with them is creative, important and moving – but, like so many other great initiatives here, it is tainted by the fact that we are a society at war, a society whose art cannot be appreciated simply for what it is."


Naomi: Well put.



"Israel is cutting off all relations with the United Nations Human Rights Council, the Foreign Ministry announced. The move comes as a response to the council’s decision to establish a fact-finding mission into Israel’s settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem, a decision that was condemned by the government."

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