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March 02, 2012



Seventh advertiser takes commercials off "The Rush Limbaugh Show":



Frankly, I hope they ALL drop him. And was that suppose to be an apology to that young woman? What a joke. What a sad man.


I do think this is the end of Rush. BTW: Democracy Now was the first to interview Sandra Fluke, and even that short time ago it seemed like hers was a story that would go nowhere. And look how huge it's become, with the President personally phoning her. Big change. Progressive voices are getting stronger by the day.

Cop Car

Hattie--If only (it were the end of Mr L). He has a high enough IQ that it is awful to see it go to waste.


Yes, and he was quite handsome in his day, apparently. You might watch the clip on Chris's show that I'm going to post about a woman's encounter with Rush and how amazed she is that he has gotten so crazy.


I agree that ALL of the advertisers should drop him. He is disgusting.


I listened to him a little today. He apologized only for calling Sandra Fluke a "slut", not for suggesting she post sex videos of herself online.


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