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March 30, 2012



yeah, I enlarged the pic. Why the heck is Terry wearing a baseball cap in the WATER? Lol.


Gigi: So he won't get too much sun on his bald head. Not that there was much sun that day.


Enlarged....yes I do detect a little scowl on your face; but you still look like you're enjoying yourself even without much sun. I can't remember the last time I wore a bathing suit and went swimming....anywhere.


I know it isn't all that easy to do this most places, especially not this time of year! And I don't like enclosed pools, either. I don't try to go swimming in Seattle but walk a lot. Walking is not very much fun here, but in Seattle we walk for hours and hours.


Just because you said so I did enlarge the photo. OK... there is a bit of a scowl. Glad to see you both having fun.


Growing up in Keaukaha, the beach I went to the most was Lalakea.


Kay: It's been so nice here after the spell of not so nice weather we had.
Brandon: I didn't know you grew up in Keaukaha. Lucky you!

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