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March 29, 2012



Pretty yellow bird! I have never seen such in Honolulu.


My friend that I was visiting down in Puna today says they are canaries. There have been flocks of them in Kona for years, and apparently they are working their way over here.

Henry "Hank" Chapin

According to my bird book, that MIGHT be a Saffron Finch which only seems to be found on the Big Island. I have never seen that bird in Honolulu.


What is that souffle?

Cop Car

I was going to be cheeky and write, "Hattie, I'm surprised that you don't recognize a 'Little Yellow Bird' when you see one!"

I agree (not that anyone should care! lol) with the identification that Hank gives. There is a lovely video on YouTube at http://youtu.be/N2a07hfWLQ0. (We don't have saffron finches in Kanas!)


Oh my gosh...I love these pictures Hattie. That one of Fred is too cute. Those little yellow birds are beautiful...I don't know what they are either. And that cheese fondue looks really good...I KNOW I'd love that. Happy weekend Hattie... ~Joy


Thans for the correction, Maria. It is a souffle of course. I seem to be making silly mistakes these days.


Fred is so handsome!


AND he is a feline to be reckoned with!


I could swear I see those yellow birds on Oahu. They're always in pairs. Beautiful!


Kay: Yes, these were a pair, and I think they were gathering nesting material.


I wasn't trying to razz you about the souffle. It looked so delicious I wanted to try it. I think I found the recipe. Is it called Blender Cheese Souffle? It has bread in it. It was in my older copy (1964) of Joy of Cooking. Thanks.


Maria: I followed the recipe in the '75 edition for cheese souffle cockaigne but used cheddar rather than the gruyere and parmesan it calls for. I haven't tried the blender souffle, the one that has bread in it.


Ah, I see your recipe. Thanks. I'll give it a try.

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