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April 30, 2012



"Most of us know some Marx and believe that our society must provide better for the poor and luckless. But we don't believe in revolution, since we are too comfortable (or too scared)."

Thank you for answering my question from the last thread: Just how left-wing do you have to be to avoid being labeled a right-wing reactionary? So left-wing that you think that anyone not advocating Marxist revolution must just be too comfortable or too scared.

"I do think that Michael Moore is on to something, though...every evening he goes for a walk. He gets good exercise..."

When you go for your walk with Mike, you might want to suggest that he blend in some aerobic work and strength training. And maybe put down that 5-gallon pail of Crisco and that giant ladle-sized spoon. Leave some saturated fat for the workin' man, Mike.


Nasty remarks about fat people! About what I would expect from Althouse fans.
Go away, please.

Kay Dennison

Loved your rejoinder!!!! I am not and never have been overweight. My ex was overweight and I helped him to lose 60 lbs. when our family doctor put him on a very strict diet. Through it, he found the weight where he felt good and to this day and he keeps an eye on his weight and pays attention if it starts creeping up. The biggest thing I learned is that everyone has a weight where they feel good -- and it has damned little to with any doctor's charts. That Michael Moore is making an effort should be applauded -- not denigrated.


Kay: He was lucky he had a good plan and your help; it gets harder with age to get the weight off and keep it off. I think Moore's idea that people should go out walking is a good one. There are places where this is difficult to do, of course, but the more people there are on the streets, the more the streets belong to the people! People are everywhere on the streets in Seattle, and I don't see much obesity.


Have you read Obama's autobiography? I tend to agree with him that Marx had some good ideas for the poor and downtrodden. Of course, without revolution. Socialism vs. Free Enterprise. Which will win the election this year?


I wonder what Gramsci would think about modern media and the Internet!!

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