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April 03, 2012



I agree that legalized gambling has brought in more crime than anyone imagined. But, the average tourist in Vegas and Macau (both of which I visited) does not really see the criminal element. At least, I didn't. We just read about it in the media now and then. That may explain why gambling as a cure-all for the economy is always pushed in the legislature every year. People just don't see anything wrong with it.


Gigi: And of course pressure groups pay politicians money to tout the idea of legalizing gambling here. League of Women Voters is always working to keep legalized gambling out of Hawaii, one of only two states that bans it. (The other state is Utah.)


If you go to your Facebook page, I sent, or "shared" in FB lingo, a link from the MIT Press about The Baffler, which can also be read on the Kindle.


Brandon: Thanks.


I am a bit confused by your post's Van Jones comment, "Well, I guess since he is black we don't need to take him or his ideas seriously." -- barbara


Barbara: I just think that article in The Times trivializes Van Jones. Black men can get that "sexy stud" treatment.

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