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April 19, 2012


Henry Hank Chapin

Sometimes I wonder if it's the counting of the weeks that is wrong rather than early- and late-arriving babies. It's an inexact science.


Another grandchild - congratulations all around!


I'm glad you arrived safely.


Thanks everyone. We are very pleased!


Hank: I figure is full term, because her birthweight was 9 pounds. She does not sound like a newborn but already has a very loud cry.


NINE POUNDS? That is heavy! Congratulations to the new Mom and grandparents!


Gigi: Thanks, Gigi. All my grandkids have been over eight pounds, but this little girl sets the record.


Oh Congratulations Hattie. Welcome to that sweet little 9 pound bundle. Enjoy every minute.... ~Joy

naomi dagen bloom

Congratulations on your new grandchild. Sounds healthy and hearty, all to the good.


Thanks to everyone! This regularly scheduled blog will resume shortly. Sorry I can't provide pix on the blog but will e-mail more news & pix when I get the chance.

Cop Car

That is wonderful news, Hattie. Sorry to be late picking it up.

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