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April 24, 2012



Sounds a lot like Vancouver. Glad to hear you are enjoying iSeattle, especially with your family there.


I'm glad you arrived safely and are having fun. It's been really busy at home (I've been helping with paperwork, housework, etc.) so I haven't commented lately.

Downtown Hilo and Ballard are probably not that similar, but I've seen a few new restaurants open up in the past few months: Lucy's Taqueria (in what used to be Food Fair), Casa de Luna (20 years ago it was a dive bar called Lopaka's), and Popolo's (where Aloha Luigi was). And the long-empty Western Auto was demolished about two years ago for McDonald's.


So glad for them!

Aloha from Waikiki
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Marja-Leena: It seems as if Vancouver and Seattle get more and more alike. They seemed very different to me once.
Brandon: Downtown Hilo is unique. Right now a lot of things seem to be going on, but I wonder how well the new businesses will do.
Cloudia: Thanks. We really enjoy these times when things are going so well and hope they will last and last.


Lucy's opened late last year and has been packed every time I went. Casa de Luna is always full too. Popolo's has had a rough start: it cut back its hours just days after the Tribune-Herald featured it. There's a lot of interest but the restaurateurs haven't able to keep up with the demand--yet.

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