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April 11, 2012



People are having trouble commenting right now. Gigi sent me this, via e-mail:

"I tried to post my comment twice, but it wouldn't take. Here it is:

Wow! Carol does beautiful work. Your orchids are gorgeous. When I took a class in ceramics, I learned that certain glazes should not be used on dishware as they are poisonous. Interesting.

Gigi: Right. I think the glazes we use are OK. It's the bright low-fire glazes that are toxic, I believe. Yes, Carol is so talented. And really a terrific person and grandmother, too.
And I asked my teacher whether I could make oven-proof pieces, but she says no. I'd have to get a special kind of clay for that, which I may do.


Carol Severance? How is she?


Yes. She is fine.

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