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May 28, 2012



And she calls this one of her adventures in mediocrity?!? I'm glad you didn't, because I'm downloading that recipe right now and giving it a try!


Gentlemen Companions aside, they look divine! I definitely approve of buttering them. I had lots of leftover frosting, ended up eating it by the spoonful. One of these days I've got to give up sugar. It's just so delicious!


I have to avoid these if I am going to lose any weight, unfortunately, i think I gained 8 ounces just looking at this photo!


It just takes practice. I might try making these myself sometime.


I'll have to try your recipe as I love REAL cinnamon rolls (not the icky Cinnabon kind) and I'm no icing girl, too.
This is the recipe I use - http://whatscookingamerica.net/Bread/CinnamonRollsFantastic.htm - sans the icing and I cut them smaller so I can eat one and not feel like I've completely violated all the food rules.


jaykaym: I will add this recipe to my collection. Thanks.


Whoa, you made cinnamon rolls? Who is this woman I call my mother?


An enigma wrapped in a mystery!

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