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May 18, 2012



Wow! You have such a huge, gorgeous house! And right next to the ocean? Termites? Yuuuuck!


That's not my house. That's a neighbor's house. I wouldn't want it. It's too big.


I hope you can also visit Arequipa. (It's the hometown of my high school Spanish teacher, Sra. DeLima.)



You should mos def go to Arequipa.

Does not going to Lake Titikaka also mean not taking the Cusco-Puno train? Don´t not do that, it is an amazing experience!

Are you skipping the North, just doing Lima-Cusco, or what?
Dying to know.


Z: I will immediately inform the others of what you say here. Thanks!


And in Puno I would seriously suggest this. http://www.posadasantabarbara.com/es/tarifas-reservas.html


You know, this is a sort of traditional travel circuit, Lima-Arequipa-Puno-Cusco and there is good reason for it.

There is also a train Arequipa-Puno that I have taken; at that time it was not 100% safe but now things have improved and views are amazing. http://youtu.be/lWJ6FibFCaU

I´d fly Lima-Cusco, then train down to Puno, then on by train to Arequipa, then bus to Nazca / Ica and then Lima.

Or, same circle, opposite direction.


Arequipa is worth it just for the food: http://youtu.be/Kn2Z_kuxjDA Unbelievably good food.


Also check air bnb listings Arequipa, cheap and very good.


I asked my friend via FB for travel tips. Her husband is from Peru. Here they are, verbatim:

See Machu Picchu. Do not wear any visible jewelry. No hand outs to the locals, or they'll have a crowd around them. ..


Brandon: Not that anyone is going to think anything about us except that we are tourists. We can't disguise ourselves as locals!

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