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May 22, 2012



Reading the first part of this post, I thought this man was like the Star Wars Kid, that hapless adolescent caught on video wielding a laser sword.

But he's just another Twitterer who forgot dignity and decorum with his base rants and doesn't want to face the criticism which naturally resulted. Posting anything online is like publishing it; the size and the membership of the audience is unknown.


Brandon: Exactly.

Henry Hank Chapin

This is incredibly outrageous and unintentionally hilarious.Thanks for digging it up.


I am surprised that someone with a mouth like that gets the attention he does.


Hank: The real credit goes to T.Bogg, a Somewhat Popular Blogger.
Tabor: This is good, though. He tried to bully and shame Sandra Fluke, and it backfired.

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