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May 18, 2012



I would love to have those colorful frames. No IKEA here in Honolulu, though. Frames at Kmart are all brown or black. We'll see what Target has.


"and the ambience was noisy and hectic and notably lacking in charm"

It sounds like Casa de Luna. Lucy's Taqueria is definitely bustling but was fixed up nicely. Casa de Luna was too, but it's an open-air restaurant between two busy streets.


Gigi: Target might have what you are looking for. IKEA is just the best for so many things like this, simple things that look nice and aren't expensive.
Brandon: Yes, it is like trying to have a nice meal in the middle of the street. A friend tells me that she likes Casa de Luna. We went in there, and the food looked good, but we weren't really in the mood for that kind of Mexican fare, which is standard in Seattle. We really prefer Reuben's, which is not fashionable any more, with all that cheese and butter.

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