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May 21, 2012



Is Campbell Brown the former journalist/anchor on CNN? If so, I never thought she was offensive on TV.


I'm not sure I have ever seen her on TV.


You're sure right about so many news item that it's hard to know what to address -- and that's just at the national level. We have a lot of state and local issues as we approach our June Primary. I have to get my mind away from it sometimes to write about other matters since so many I read do a pretty good job of hitting on my shared point of view.

You had some choice lines here and appreciated your comments relative to the religions. I don't pay any attention to Campbell Brown, but probably too many others may take her seriously.


I like the idea that was put forth in the video -- let's hear young women's voices. Also, all ages of people including men -- bring the campaign down to ordinary folk's views. Good post -- barbara


What encourages me is realizing that young women are waking up again to feminism after a period of regression.


They don't call them the chattering class for nothing.


Nancy Nall is very funny on the topic of people who can get published who have nothing to say. Campbell Brown is a prime example of that.

Henry Hank Chapin

We have friends who lived in Farmington, New Mexico which has many Mormons. She told us they can be nice until they are in the majority and then they want it all their own way.

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