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May 22, 2012



I am more interested in the state of Arizona and its attempt to keep Obama off the ballot if it cannot get confirmation from Hawaii that he was born in Hawaii. Good grief! Two guys actually flew from Arizona to Hawaii to get a copy of the birth certificate. What next!


It would be difficult to be more "real," as you put it, than Cory Booker, remarkable Mayor of Newark. He knows much about affluent people. Perhaps you missed this news story last year?http://blogs.edweek.org/edweek/District_Dossier/2010/09/_zuckerbergs_donation_is_throu.html

It is very very very challenging to be an idealistic young person attempting to deal with centuries of political decay...racism in New Jersey. People at a great remove from these issues can easily fall for media hypes rather than deeper insights. Why do you think Rachel Maddow worked so quickly to bring Booker onto her show last night.


Naomi: Of course I'm not talking about people like you, who know the score. I saw Maddow's show last night. I hope she has him on again to talk specifically about Newark.


Gigi: The rise of Latino power really has the establishment worried down there, which is why they are resorting to these desperate measures.


Oh, and look: Corey Booker does not talk to the people who ignore Newark! And that's the majority.


Booker is an idealist. That is admirable and I have liberal friends like that. They see the world as they would like it to be-- as it should be. Again admirable. Reality though is not so pretty; and if Obama doesn't play hardball, he'll end up with a 2012 result like Kerry found in 2004. It is fair game to discuss what Romney did at Bain because it's what he will do to the country if he gains power. Obama can't be an idealist and win. Sad but it's how life is right now.


Yes, and we need to avoid false equivalence, too. Investigating Romney's record at Bain Capital is not equivalent to branding Obama as a rabid racist and America hater!
I don't know how Booker could have been so dumb, really.


I was disappointed with him and Governor Rendell also. The truth is they want the economic support of those corporate interests. It's self-serving and very disappointing as I thought more of Booker and Rendell than it turns out is there.


Rain: I agree with you.


You might find this interesting:



Ouch! I'll look at it in a minute. I'm getting more and more concerned at how misinformed and underinformed voters are.

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