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June 01, 2012


Henry Hank Chapin

Yes, I am starting to get worried too. It's partially a byproduct of constant polling and the 24-hour news cycle.The race is being treated as though it's a toss-up because otherwise there's nothing for the media to talk about. There is also a large bloc of racist anti-Obama feeling that seems unmovable.

There is no comparison between the qualties of the two candidates, so it's sort of a reflexive partisan, ideology thing that's going on. I feel sort of helpless and can only look to the Harry Truman victory over favored Tom Dewey in 1948 for aid and comfort.


When it's this bad I really enjoy our local politics, which remind me of what democracy is all about.


This was also published in today's Tribune-Herald:



Brandon: Typical sneering, patronizing Will piece. I always keep in mind with him that he has been a guest at the Playboy Mansion and wrote a gluey tribute to Hugh Hefner as a wonderful guy and role model for men. And he parades himself about as a serious person!


"a gluey tribute to Hugh Hefner as a wonderful guy and role model for men"

This must be it.


The Playboy Mansion isn't as glamorous as it appears.



Well they just go there to do drugs and have sex. It doesn't have to be fancy!

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