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November 19, 2012



What a huge and productive tree!

I love this photo of you at work. Have I ever told you that you have beautiful hands, Marianna? I'm particularly aware of hands these days because they are the subject of my current series. Wish I could use yours.

Henry Hank Chapin

That story about Terry digging a hole he couldn't get out of is worthy of ringing down the annals of your family's anecdotes for a long time. It's actually hilarious. Isn't there a folk saying about digging a hole?

But of course he deserves credit for taking composting seriously. Will the composted material have to breathe though?


I am hoping you would have gone looking for him eventually! Compost pits? Ours here are above ground in wired or treated timber boxes. Why a pit in the ground and how on earth do you get the compost out and isn't it dangerous if some walks around at night and falls in?


Marja-Leena: Thanks. I never turn down a compliment!
Hank, Tabor:
We live on deep volcanic soil. I don't know how far down it goes, seemingly forever. We do get a lot of compost, including fallen fruit, and it's too much for the dinky kinds of composting sufficient in most places. Burying garbage is the best solution for us. It's only vegetable matter, of course, and it decays anaerobically. We put stuff in, shovel dirt over it, put more stuff in, more dirt, and so on. When a pit is full, we just plant stuff on top.We also have a chipper shedder for trimmings from trees, etc. Large or resistant matter, such as palm fronds, goes to the green waste. People do have to be careful about where they step in our backyard, anyway. Watch your step and don't fall in! And if you do, yell so we can hear you and come to the rescue!
This ain't the Mainland, as we are fond of saying around here! It's more different.

Henry Hank Chapin

Regarding porous volcanic soil: when I moved here from Ohio which had rich loamy, black dirt, I would water plants for a long time to soak the earth a la Ohio. My cousin, who is Hawaiian, said, "Hey, in Hawaii the porous, cindery volcanic soil doesn't hold the water like on the Mainland. Over here you should water more often and for a not very long period of time." The soil is probably even more volcanic on the Big Island.


But thanks to the Hilo rainfall we never have to water!


I'm so sorry to laugh at Terry's expense, but it is awfully funny. I had to tell Art. How wonderful to have a compost pit though!

naomi dagen bloom

Thought it was going to be that Terry had found clay for you. So how long would you have waited before you began to search for him? Not an idle question, Marianna, I have this kind of wonder on my mind often.

You speak of our mutual deafness. Thinking my sight has changed of late. My blog seemed too small, so changed it and previous post (chickens) to 13 pt. Are you using 12 pt. here--that seems small to me. Then put on reading glasses which doing more lately and that works better. Could we move into a new idea for elderblogging? I tried something called "ElderExercise" with Claude at Blogging in Paris back in the last decade.

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