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November 28, 2012



Very lovely, Hattie. It makes me want to head out your way again sometime.


Kay: And drop on by when you do. BTW: I think your interaction with HP was a kick!

Henry Hank Chapin

One of the great photographs of all time, in my opinion, is "Moonrise over Hernando, New Mexico" by Ansel Adams.

Henry Hank Chapin

HERNANDEZ, NEW MEXICO is correct. I found it online. Naturally, everything is online.


So that tiny bright dot above the Moon was Jupiter? I thought it was a star.


Hank: I would love to see a good print of that photo. Maybe the library has a book of Adams photos, which I want to look at anyway.
Brandon: It's Jupiter, according to Nancy Nall, who saw the moonrise in Detroit and posted about it on Facebook.


Love moon reflections reflected on a body of water -- great photo -- barbara


Barbara: Thanks. it's one of my favorite sights.


Great shot! Just think, the plane was larger than the moon!!! ha


Lovely shots Hattie, did you use a tripod?



Joared: I guess you mean the cloud under the moon, but actually the tiny light in the left hand corner of the pic is a plane.
No tripod. I just propped it up on the deck railing.
BTW: Wisewebwoman. Your comment won't publish. Maybe it will appear later.


It appeared.

naomi dagen bloom

Moon plus plane is amazing photo capture. Then started thinking about possible meanings of this juxtaposition: man and the moon.


Naomi: this was a spectacular night for the moon!

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