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November 23, 2012



Ah, but I can see it since it made it to Google Reader.I think you all look just fine.


Ouch. The Cavewoman does not understand your Internet ways. The post was up for only a few minutes.
One of these days I have got to get a tutorial on all this stuff, but I am lazy and getting lazier.


Belated American thanksgiving to you Hattie. Glad it was all an anonymous blast!!


We didn't have alcohol since my brother and nephews need to drive home safely. I served root beer though. :-)

Henry Hank Chapin

Regarding parallel experiences: I was talking to my daughter on the phone yesterday. First she said she's been thinking about Mom/Helen a lot lately. Then I told her about a dream I had had months ago--maybe in July-- but, unlike most dreams, I vividly remember it. The dream was of Helen, but I could only see her from behind, no face. She walked AWAY from me, silently, on sturdy youthful legs (she couldn't walk the last two years) and disappeared. A leavetaking dream I would surmise. Walking away silently is similar to "passing away," which suggests gently moving from life to death, which is how Halen, well, passed away. I was present for the experience and it was surely a major experience of my life. "Oh my God," my daughter said, "I had the SAME DREAM the other night." We compared notes and details. It was substantially the same dream all right. Parallel experiences.


Wisewoman and Kay: Overindulgence is not a good idea, and it gets to be a very bad idea the older I get. I paid with a mild hangover all the next day.
Hank: I've had parallel dreams like that with family members. My mother is still very present in my dreams.

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