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November 17, 2012



"...internal politics, the budget and so on."

What I've seen on the news: a lot about Petraeus and his mistress, the Benghazi hearings, the fiscal cliff, and scattered coverage of the conflict in Israel. CNN has interviewed Hanan Ashrawi, among other Palestinians, and Fox News, Israeli VIPs like Danny Danon and the Israeli ambassador to the UN.


It's getting too big to ignore.


Ah the distractions, making sure the populace remain dumb and underserved. This whole Israel thing is beyond frightening and could plunge us into WW3 very very quickly. The ultimate distraction.

Rain Trueax

To me the Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a tough one. On the one hand we can understand Israel not wanting rockets coming from Iran blasting into their cities. On the other hand, what led to that happening? Human interactions are never easy and the most violent reaction to something is often not a clue as to what got it to that point. I like to listen to Scahill's take whenever I see him talking. He and another like him are ones who really do know from being places. But this is such a complex situation. I read that some of the CNN footage is not current but just set up to arouse passions. Americans do love aroused passions. The one thing that seems for sure-- innocents pay for it all with their lives-- collateral damage and that's us in any such disaster.


Rain: I have not heard that rockets from Iran are blasting into their cities.

Rain Trueax

The missiles being fired are from Iran according to the articles I read. they were trucked in through Egypt. It's a complex situation. Daily Beast has had some good articles on the complexity if you haven't caught those. Now a lot of the missiles have been destroyed by the Israeli reaction, were less effective than they might've been without the shields, and I am not sure what will happen if Israel does invade as appears imminent.

I cross posted that video to my facebook and will use it in a blog next week on the writing one regarding romance novels and political issues. It's something that often isn't supposed to be in romance books but can be as one more way to get people to think.

Rain Trueax

I am not sure if i phrased that poorly and you thought I meant the missiles were being fired from Iran. I mean created there. Here's the article that I had read regarding it-- arms wit longer reach bolster Hamas

Henry Hank Chapin

I would say it is the fault of the Palestinians and the Israelis.

Rain Trueax

The link I intended to post here didn't work but it was NY Times and called Arms with longer reach bolster Hamas.

Poppa Zao

I check in with Max Blumenthal's Twitter account and sometimes with


Here in Canada, we have similar ignoring or distorting in the media, though with the odd refreshing and truthful report, such as this one:



From my way of thinking, Jeremy Scahill was right on with his words in the UTUBE interview. Thanks for providing that reality visit to our war world. I hope the idea of young folks getting into "true" journalism catches on. You are a life line to what is really going on in this mad world. -- barbara


Thanks, everyone, for the comments and the links.

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