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November 20, 2012


Rain Trueax

I will add you on twitter but it won't improve your conversation there much. I have about 56 followers but then I have to follow them... and most of what I get there is nothing I care to read. I use it usually to post the writing stuff that someone who reads my blogs already knows. I have not posted anything political there as I got it because 'they' said I needed it to promote the brand. I can't say it's done that much btw.

The ones I have following me mostly put me there to get me to add them with a few exceptions. Mine are generally in the sell to writers category or who knows how they found me or cooking. Either way when I go there to try and think of something to say, I generally wonder how I got them. Oh there is another group that i hear from and immediately delete-- the ones who say they can get me 3000 followers-- once they start saying that, there is no end to how many times they will say it. I am still trying to work out how I can get tweets from those on my list that I actually care about (oh and I'd like to know who Denzel Washington is and when did I get him as a follower as I am pretty sure it's not really Denzel (the political ones usually are who they say but not the celebrity ones) but then I'm left wondering who is it? I had Mila Kunis following me once and thought that can't really be the actress... eventually it turned out it wasn't

Incidentally when I began, I had all political types that I chose to follow, the ones like Paul Begala who had 50,000 followers (I don't remember what he had) but I am sure he never noticed me following between rare posts from me and his frequent ones. I eventually deleted the political guys as i realized I knew anything they were saying there I had read elsewhere. For now having it seems kind of pointless for me but I'm sticking with it ;) I use my writing name there so you'll know who I am when I add you.

Oh and on Chris Hayes, he is cute. I think he looks like Rachel; and especially like it when they get into a conversation. He's not my type to be attracted, but I have wondered if he's married-- but hadn't enough to look it up until I read what you said above ;).

Rain Trueax

Incidentally if you ever want to add me to Facebook, I use my rainnnn7@hotmail.com email as my addy there but also the rest of my name ;) I keep my list there small and tho those I know well enough through blogging or personal friends and family as it's where I post family photos which I don't use anywhere else for the protection of said family.


Rain: I think you go for the rugged, manly but sometimes vulnerable type of men, like the heroes in your books.
I'm so glad to have you following me on Twitter. Like you I use Facebook for friends and family, photos of the grandkids, and so on.

Rain Trueax

I agree, Hattie. I think my heroes resemble the men I've known, the men in my life. Likely early television influences-- like the western show Cheyenne, are likewise factors. A lot of writers of historic romances were influenced by writers like Zane Gray and Louis L'Amour. It is work to go beyond and make someone a hero who isn't traditionally thought of one.


I've been with Twitter forever but never use it, no idea how many followers, maybe 2 like you, Daughter and GG.

As to the rest of it, Interwebz is dicey AGAIN and doesn't want to be arsed to show YouTubez et al.

*Le Grand Sigh*



Y'know, it could be worthwhile to get an eldertwitter thing going, or to find something like that out there.


Don't use twitter or facebook. Just a blogger. Liked the Chris Hayes interview -- think I might buy his book or order from my library. -- barbara


Barbara: Yes, it is a very good book, but it still needs footnotes (:
I think blogging's the best, but I get most of my news from following Twitter feeds. Still would like a little company on Twitter, though, because my comments and retweets go hardly anywhere.
Facebook is for friends and family.

Rain Trueax

I am trying to figure out how we can have a LOT of people on twitter and put a priority on posts from those we are interested in hearing from. I mix mine with links to the blog, Pinterest and sometimes weather but have yet to get a feel for what would make twitter meaningful to me in terms of what I read. I appreciate the ones who follow me, have been surprised that they just show up as following, but suspect most rarely read anything i wrote due to having so many they are following.


Rain: Twitter is how I keep up on the news, with my favorite newspapers, blogs and commentators. It's the fastest way to get to good information.

Rain Trueax

It sounds like you are more of a political junkie than I. I like to know what's going on but don't mind waiting to hear and some days I just don't want to know. I haven't yet figured out what I am doing with Twitter but it doesn't take much time and maybe while I am fooling around with it, it will become obvious why I want it.

Have you thought of running for political office? It seems you'd be good, with a temperament that could handle it, and have a lot to offer.

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