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November 11, 2012



"Stormin'" Norman Schwarzkopf was one of the first celebrity generals. He was on CNN all the time.

Are you back in Hilo?


Certainly an eye-opener for me. Good research.


And then there are the survivors of all this murderous posturing by the military. Please visit my blog with one-minute Vimeo by remarkable local group we support, Returning Veterans Project. Every state needs to have something similar.


Will do. It will be a nice break from the "patriotic" broadcasting on NPR.
But it is also clear that Obama could never have won re-election without the backing of many among that portion of the public that loves the military.


Glad to read this slant on the situation -- makes sense to me -- barbara




I still can hardly believe how stupid he was to get involved in all this.

Henry Hank Chapin

One of my gripes about the military, especially the brass, is that they take a pledge to serve and obey their president. Civilian control of the military is a basic American tenet. But, instead, they are deeply subservive, almost 100% Republican, and appear to detest President Obama. They come off as deeply unpatriotic to me. That's why I count firing General McChrystal as one of Obama's achievements. Of course, someone like me would be considered un-American.


Hank: Yes. And we are old enough to remember that arrogant jerk, MacArthur, who wanted to invade China and how the military types reacted when Truman fired him. Like, how dare he???


An interesting article:


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