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November 30, 2012



The Onion article is hilarious. I loved it when NPR gave out "Nina von Totenbags."

Rain Trueax

I really haven't been either side of this-- liberal or conservative and only got really adamant on the need to vote Democratic when the Republicans went so far over the side. I called myself a moderate and yest supported NPR at times but did also appreciate certain conservative values. I think the right wing and Republican acceptance of that has forced a lot of us who would be moderates to choose a side rigidly where although we often voted left, it wasn't a given. It is now.

Henry Hank Chapin

On the other hand, unlike Corey Flintof, there is always---MOI. My New Year's Resolution was to eschew the "F bomb" to deep six it, to say sayonara, to quit on the grounds that no good ever comes from the "F bomb." Turns out this was the easiest New Year's Resolution of all time. I have completely succeeded in my promise and it is now December. Eleven months of f-less clean living. I'm ready to be the Scoutmaster of a Mormon Boy Scout troop!


Hank: NOoooooooo! I mean about the Mormon Boy Scout troop thing.
Guess that cancelling your HBO subscription has helped you keep your resolution. So what DO you say when you drop something on your foot?

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