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December 18, 2012


Rain Trueax

Oh my gosh. I used to love her show and her. Remember when she dated Burt Reynolds ;) What a great lady!


Rain: Even in this dated production and odd-looking (to our eyes) dance movements, she comes off very well, warm and subtly humorous. I had a gown in that color, which was called champagne.
My that was long ago!

Henry Hank Chapin

She wants to get back to where "your friends don't tote a gun." East is East and West is West and the wrong one she has "chose." I have a dim memory of her singing this in some movie where she was writing in a wagon. Maybe it was Doris Day. "Paint Your Wagon"? I thought her dance movements were pretty slinky! :-)


Hank: Rhymes with "clothes" and "bows" Poetic license. Yes, she had a very flexible waistline. Her style of cuteness is so much like my one and only remaining aunt's. She is now over 90 and still gets around very well.

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