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December 10, 2012



Ed Rampell used to write for the Honolulu Weekly.

Rain Trueax

I am sold on the documentary but don't yet have the companion book. To me the series power comes through the clips as the story is told through actual footage and even the movies about those periods make a point about the propaganda we believe be it left or right. I think it's something all Americans should see and hope more do as it becomes available other ways. It won't appeal though to the rah rah folks which is too bad as they need it the most.

The documentary didn't gloss over Stalin's atrocities but it does paint Castro more favorably than many would like. I remember when he was pushed aside by Washington at a time when he could have gone other ways. The tentacles that determine what we believe go deep and are firm. Changing thinking and figuring out what we do now, that won't be easy.


Rain: That is for sure. You put this so well. What is hard for me to accept is the way we have put so much power into the hands of a few people, and not the best people but people with low personal morals and bad tempers.
Well, if we have enough money we can still buy stuff, as I was reminded yesterday at Costco, which was jammed with people pushing around carts piled with consumer goods. We were going to buy a couple of things and ended up with $250.00 worth of food and other merchandise. But this is not the same as freedom and justice. More later.

Henry Hank Chapin

As Brandon says and I was going to write before I saw his comment, Ed Rampell used to be on the scene here in Honolulu. He was a struggling free lancer. For a while he worked at Movie Museum wich would put him in touch with educated Honolulu but wouldn't pay too much. There was a Samoan connection, but I don't know what it was, ex-wife and daughter or something like that. I've seen his by-line elsewhere.


Rain: Oh, and as an encouragement: popularity as a blogger is not very significant. What's most important is the writing itself. Of course, we want to be read and want feedback, but what I like so much about my blog is that although I don't get many comments, the ones I do get from you and others are thought provoking, entertaining, provide links, push ideas along. It is not good to be too eager to please.
The writer's dilemma, eh?
Brandon, Hank: I knew nothing about Ed Rampell, so that's good information.

Rain Trueax

Hattie, I agree with you that it's the meaningful comments that I appreciate most. Whether they agree with me totally, think I'm nuts, or disagree, to hear their viewpoint means a lot to me and makes the writing worthwhile. I feel the same way about your comments as what you said about mine. You are a thinker.

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