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December 05, 2012



Hattie, I don't know anything about vog but is it healthful to breathe those fumes?


Florence: On the sidebar there is a link to a map and chart that show where the vog is going and the level of toxicity. Even though we are so close, we seldom get the heavy emissions that put us in the danger zone. Other parts of the island are not so lucky, especially the town of Pahala and Hawaii Ocean View Estates, which are south of us.

Rain Trueax

volcano sounds scary but guess that is based on books like Diamondhead.

Rain Trueax

oops book by peter gilman was not called diamond head. that was the movie from it but book had more of the lava flow as i remember it but been a lot of years


Rain: Our volcano has been tame in recent years. As long as the emissions blow the other way, we're fine. We have our normal winds again, and it was a perfectly lovely day. I want to go see the present flow and will probably next week sometime.

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