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December 27, 2012


Linda P.

Thanks for posting the link to the article about the National Review Cruise. I'd like to make a considered and erudite comment, but I'm left saddened and shaking my head. I try to be fair minded, so when reading Kevin Hassett's assertions that "those guys are so evil," I reminded myself that after finishing Boss Rove (not sure if html code for italics will work here), I could have used the same phrase, too, when thinking about operatives on the political right. I kept reading, arguing with myself that we're all just people with different views and my off-the-cuff comments could seem inane if overheard and reported. Then I encountered other statements, and thought, no, some of us care about other people and some others just care about themselves.


Linda: I have relatives who share attitudes with the National Review cruisers. They really do see themselves as the good people who take care of their families and homes and are charitable and decent to their subordinates. Most of them aren't as mean as Romney. But they think they are better than the average herd. That is why it so hard to get through to them about obligations to the larger society. They are probably not as bad as the people who have wrecked the Republican Party.
Of course maybe it's just the Christmas season that has me in such a tolerant frame of mind or just the fact that I have been on those cruises myself and lead a pretty plush life.
What I can't stand is grinding the faces of the poor, as my mother used to put it.

Henry Bellingham Chapin

I read this article thoroughly last night and then I was called to dinner. It's hard to believe how ignorant these people are of reality and how mean their thinking is. I remember some guy not n our group said to me on the Nation Magazine cruise ship that he worked for a living. Helloooo..., having worked for a lving, I'll leave it at that, but I remember how mean and hostile he was. Also, when I was calling my old stamping grounds in Ohio on behalf of Obama this one guy told me I was harming the country and Obama was like a king. Invinciple ignorance.


Hank: That was some article, all right.

As to the hostile guy you met on the Nation Cruise: I do not understand why people who are doing what they are supposed to be doing in life think people should pat them on the back about it all the time. We're supposed to work! It's a given, the price of membership in the human race. Why do they imagine others are not doing what they are supposed to be doing: working, take care of our duties in life, which, I believe, is what most of us do?

Anyway, It sounds as if you are having a good time with your family, who I am sure are doing right by you as you have always done by them.


People of all kinds can live in bubbles.


Brandon: The thing about rich people is that they have the money to design their own realities. Their main article of faith is that everything is for sale. But they forgot what the Beatles said: money can't buy you love. That is why they are in shock.

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