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December 09, 2012



I think your disillusionment would apply to me too, Hattie. We thought Ireland achieving independence in 1922 would be the dawn of a new age of saints and scholars. When the truth is untenable: crooks, thieves, paedophiles, coverups and the banksters who run everything.

Show me a country where purity of purpose and concern for the masses exist.

Dressed up oligarchs is all we have who are ready to murder our young in trumped up wars first thing.


Rain Trueax

Thanks for the review. Since I have only been watching the series on Showtime, I can't comment on the book; but what I have noticed on the book is it lays out some facts but then interprets them. That's where we have, as readers, the ability to evaluate whether that evaluation is valid. Sometimes I have though it was. Other times, I have felt the facts don't necessarily lead to those conclusions. Whatever the case, it's important that we do look at facts and then do our own evaluating. I would not have looked at this after the Stone JFK, but did because of your writing and am glad I did. I will stay with the Showtime series and watch it all as much as I can. We are in tucson which means we don't currently have and may not have Showtime down here but we can still access it because we have it in Oregon. I look forward to the next episodes and the analysis that this show provides. I will keep looking for the book and if I don't find it before we go back to Oregon, I'll probably order it from Amazon. It's one that I want on paper as I think it's easier with this kind of historical nonfiction (maybe) :)


thoughtful post, friend

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Enjoying your commentary on U.S.History, our foreign policy, etc. Look forward to more of your review.

American exceptionalism is, indeed, a sticky wicket. Perhaps as the world grows smaller, our nation's citizens become less provincial a new national perspective will evolve.

Rain Trueax

We saw the fourth episode and it deals a lot with Eisenhower. It's interesting how you know what happened as I lived through that period as a child (was for Stevenson) but I didn't really see how damaging Eisenhower was to setting us on the arms race, the cold war and Vietnam. I tend to think of his last speech, his obviously mea culpa and seeing the clips of actions, propaganda of the time, and what it all meant, it's very worrisome. How do we change it is what I keep thinking. So many have bought into American exceptionalism and whenever I have written something here against it, it gets pretty near zero comments. It makes people uncomfortable. I am very very much enjoying this series and we went to the trouble to get Showtime down here. It's free for three months for those of us with the dish for TV. We also changed our package to get more news and finally I am back to being able to access MSNBC while here.

The main thing I can say about the Stone series is Americans need to see it but the ones who need it the most are unlikely to do so. A shame.

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