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January 31, 2013



The frightening thing is that there are people who WILL fall for that and lose all their savings. Our neighbor had dementia issues and lost all her life savings that way.


Kay: That is really sad. My MIL did not have dementia or Alzheimers, but she was too trusting sometimes, which caused headaches for us with people who tried to scam her.

Rain Trueax

I hope you posted this in satire. I just heard of some friends that had a wonderful offer though Facebook for two free Southwest airline tickets. They only realized it had to be a scam after they had begun the process and hope they clicked out in time.


This one is obvious, but no one is immune from being taken in by clever scammers.


There was an article on these type scams in one of the papers and the only reason they keep going is the fact that so many people fall for it.

And those scammed are too ashamed to admit it.


And has anyone notice the increase in the amount of spam lately???

I guess the fools and the parting of their moneys keep them encouraged.

Cop Car

Hattie--How in the world could you possibly pass up on this deal? *laughing*

Henry Hank Chapin

Hard to resist an offer as good as this.

I recently had a phone call from The New Yorker magazine people to renew and extend my subscription. I complied. After a while it began to bug me as it didn't seem quite right. I haven't seen any adverse results yet. I'll see what happens. I know Harper's frequently runs a notice that fake representatives try to renew subscriptions.


Wisewebwoman: And of course if only a few of the many they contact fall for it, that is enough for their purposes.
Cop Car: I kept reminding myself not to get too greedy!
Hank: I've seen those Harper's notices, too. I've never heard of the New Yorker soliticiting subscriptions by phone. Did you give them your credit card #? Hope it's OK.


I also get magazine subscription solicitations, e.g., a year's worth of Time for the low, low price of $99. It's probably legal but definitely shady.


Brandon: $99.00 for that rag? Jeez.

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