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January 24, 2013



It is staggering how far the Republican Party has strayed over the last 30 years. They are now the party of nutcases and everybody can see it. I wonder what it's going to take for them to wake up and smell the coffee?

Love the passage you posted. "Does this policy tend to advance the chance of the citizen to live, work and play in the kind of communities which are necessry to civilised life?" If only all politicians would put this question to themselves daily.

Henry Hank Chapin

Hattie--This is a fantastically good essay and is refrigerator-worthy (referring to the children's art museum with magnets on the fridge when they're growing up). [Big deal, you're probably thinking.]I only hope no Republicans read it, because I'm enjoying victory at last after a long time in the BUSHY wilderness. If they follow these ideas, they could get back in the game, and I'm not ready for that because we still have Hillary Clinton for me to look forward to.

I might add one thing--it is also the PARTY OF LINCOLN. I come from a mixed marriage--ha! Mother was a Democrat, Dad a Republican. But his mother, my sainted grandmother, explained to me when I was young that the Republicans were the party of the great Abraham Lincoln who ended slavery and saved the Union. Of course that legacy has been lost to current Republican memory, but it accounts for some of the older Republicans who don't seem so bad as people.


Needs a little light editing which I'll do later. Thanks for the praise.


I have several good, honest, intelligent conservative friends that buy into this devisive and inaccurate philosphy. I will not work. There is fear of blacks, immigrants, atheists, gays, poor people, handicapped. They fear these aspects of society will drag them down. If we could just silence Faux News for a year!!


Tabor: Do they buy into that Ayn Rand stuff?

Rain Trueax

I was so disgusted by the tea party types who asked Hillary questions intended only to posture themselves. She showed herself intelligent, well informed, and with a sense of priorities that are missing from today's GOP.

I just wish I felt better about Reid caving on the filibuster reform. Daily Kos says it wsn't as bad as it looks but it was very disappointing. If the Democrats won't stand up for doing what is right, who's left?


I feel that Republicans as a party have gone to far down the rabbit's hole and cannot find their way out. It would be nice to have Republican moderates split from the ultra-right perhaps then the ultra-right could drown in its own nasty rhetoric -- barbara


Yes, I agree, Hattie. In a right world, we should be able to rely on the opposition party to rescue us from our own excesses; to speak up for the other side of the argument. The Republicans now are so far out to lunch, believe such reprehensible things, that we can't do anything but be repulsed by them.


Great post Hattie. Honestly, the Republican Party is so far out there with their ridiculous rhetoric, I'm totally disgusted by the whole mess. As it's going now, I wonder if there's any coming back from their outrageous posturing.


Thanks, everyone. I wish there were a genuine conservatism. I myself am conservative in a lot of ways, but nothing in the current Republican ideology appeals to me.


Excellent, Hattie! You may interested in this related essay:


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